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Get your mindset right

The mind is a very powerful tool and having a positive mindset is essential when you are job hunting. When you are stressed or anxious about your job search, it can be difficult to keep that positive mindset, but remember to focus on the end goal or outcome which is finding a new role.

Setbacks are an inevitable part of life, and it’s often said that your happiness is largely dependent upon how you respond to these real-life situation. This is especially true when searching for a job, where you are often faced with a great many rejections before you even get an interview, let alone an offer.

If you have a timeline due to a funding, relocation or other circumstances, focus your job search and allocate more time to actively looking. To help accelerate the process, work with a specialist recruiter who will have connections and relationships that can mean an ideal placement, much sooner.

If you feel like you are becoming demotivated and despondent about finding a job, you need to get your mindset back on track. This is when you need to do some happiness exercises. Start with things that make you happy. Here are some suggestions:


  • Go for a walk or run
  • Read books
  • Watch inspiration movies
  • Sit in a park and watch the world go
  • Play an instrument
  • Visit a friend
  • Talk to your mum or a friend on the phone
  • Re-read past positive testimonials or references about you
  • Find a free online course and do that
  • Spend time on your favourite hobby
  • Drive somewhere for the day and explore
  • Eat chocolate


Data shows that positive thinking is the most powerful energy for creation, so the first step in achieving the perfect job match starts with your mind. Don’t hold onto the negatively from previous bad experiences

Remember everyone has had times when they were out of work or looking for a job. When you are feeling a bit blue, you MUST keep a positive mindset so do whatever you can to make that happen.