The new rules of CV’s

The world of job searching is changing fast and writing your CV is no exception. Recruiters and employers are time poor, so your goal should be to stand and get to the point. We don’t want to read pages of waffle. Get to the point and limit your CV to 2-3 pages with the most relevant and important information on page 1


These new rules now apply:

  • Design matters – A good resume design is eye catching, simple and clean, that sets it apart from every other resume out there.
  • Put the juicy parts at the top – just like a website the top third of your resume is valuable real estate, so make it count
  • Make it easy to read – break up heavy text with bullet points and a mix of paragraphs. List hard skills higher so these are prominent.
  • Beat the bots – ATS systems are trained to scan vertically, so resumes that are aligned down the centre are a safe bet. Also ensure you include some of the keywords listed in the job description
  • Be selective – you don’t need to put your entire career history on your CV. Put roles that are relevant. We don’t care where you worked in high school.
  • Your online CV aka: your LinkedIn profile is the ‘go to’ starting point for many recruiters so make sure it reflects your skills, the outcomes you have achieved and your expertise in your industry.

And very importantly, don’t forget to run a spell check