What not to do at your interview

We assume a lot of this is common sense, however you would be surprised how often people get it wrong. The interview is not only for the employer. The interview is also for you to learn about the position and see if it really is for you. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression.

  • Don’t be late for the interview and if for some reason you are, call ahead and explain your situation. This is common professional courtesy
  • Plan your time to arrive early and compose yourself before the interview
  • Not doing your research – don’t tell them you haven’t had time or hadn’t got to finding out about the company.
  • Check your social media or answer texts whilst in an interview
  • Blame others for your mistakes or lack of career progression
  • Forget to make eye contact and smile
  • Consider body language – crossing your arms says a lot and it’s not positive
  • Coming across as an arrogant ‘know it all’
  • Speak negatively about your current employer
  • Getting too familiar
  • Swearing and using inappropriate language (even if the person interviewing you does this)

Don’t forget to follow up